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The ASTP SurveyEdit

The ASTP survey 2007 has two main objectives:

  • What is the performance of European TT ?
  • How does European TT position itself with the USA ?

To be able to reach these goals, seven indicators were selected. One of the important feature of the indicators chosen is their compatibility with the American Association of University Technology Managers AUTM statistical indicators in order to allow extensive comparison between US and European public research institutions active in Technology Transfer.

The survey was run in close collaboration with the MERIT group at the University of Maastricht.

A free executive summary of the 2007 ASTP survey is available on the web site of the ASTP. The full report is available at no charge for ASTP members on the intranet of ASTP web site and can be also obtained at the price of €100 for non-members by contacting ASTP secretariat. Members can also access the Presentation done by Paul Van Dun, member of the board in charge of the 2007 survey, who gave an overview of the results during the ASTP Heidelerg conference.

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