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The economic impact of TTO’s - aligning our business modelsEdit

Ron Botham Presentation (ASTP members restricted access soon available)

Key Performance IndicatorsEdit

As TTOs become larger we become more accountable on our performance to multiple stakeholders (university, government) If we are wise then we will propose and agree the ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs) with stakeholders in advance. However, the choice of KPIs is not trivial – some measure activity, others income. Some are lagging, some leading. What basket of KPIs best reflects performance?
Teri Willey Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Patrick Llenera Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Research on TTOEdit

TTO has come to an age where scientific studies of TTO is being carried out. What can we, as TTO professionals, learn from and contribute to this research.
Bronwyn H Hall Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Dominique Foray Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

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