Many thanks to the following person to have started contributing to the ASTP wiki (in order of contribution):

Initiators (in the order of contribution)

  • Laurent Miéville (CH)
  • Antonio Parada (P)
  • Gert Balling (DK)
  • Jeff Skinner (GB)
  • Robert Ploeg (NL)
  • Peter Pawlek (AU)
  • Laure Wolkers (D)
  • Anna Maria Nuutila (FI)
  • Simon Strancar (SLO)
  • Konstantin Joanidopoulos (GR)

Contributors (in the order of contribution)

Do not forget, the first 20 contributors get a free ASTP wiki! mug. If your name does not appear on the list, please contact Laurent Miéville. THX

  • Fadiah Homeidan (LIB)
  • Alexander Peters (NL)
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