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Open Innovation: A paradigm or just new clothes?Edit

In recent years “Open innovation” has received a lot of attention, and is claimed to be the successor to the outdated linear R&D model. Opponents of the concept state that in the end not all parties involved can equally benefit from it. So what does it really mean for us, and is it compatible with early stage results / research?
Rob Kirschbaum Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Using disruptive innovation to drive growth and changeEdit

Leo Roodhart Presentation (ASTP members restricted access soon available)

Open Source BiotechEdit

Please consult the following web sites of Richard Jefferson Bio or Cambia for information on the topics covered during the conference.

Stronger links between research and industryEdit

Since innovation is non-linear, strong partnerships between research and industry can be a competitor to traditional technology transfer. We present the integrated innovation system between VTT and the Finnish company Kemppi.
Petri Kalliokoski Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Anssi Rantasalo Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Open Innovation - A sharing ModelEdit

As TTO professionals, we tend to get trapped in the linear model, and often forget that innovation requires tight collaboration with a business. How do they go about innovation in a globalised economy, and how does that affect our thinking and the way in which we can most effectively transfer technology.
Patrick Naef Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

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