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Post deal managementEdit

Based on members concrete experience we show that we cannot relax because a deal has been closed. There is a lot of work in the implementation – ensuring that the licensee is commercializing the technology and paying those royalties. What do you do when your licensee loses interest?

Presentation Chris de Jonghe (ASTP members restricted access)
Presentation Chris de Bruyne (ASTP members restricted access)

License deals you shouldn’t doEdit

Not every deal is a good deal. They may generate a warm glow at the time, but if you promise too much and the deal will unravel and return to haunt you. Often we think we’re doing a good deal but end up getting attacked from all sides (academic, licensee, vice chancellor) when we find we’ve promised the impossible.
Jeff Skinner Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Mark Anderson Presentation(ASTP members restricted access)

Licensing Case StudyEdit

We would all like to believe that once a license deal is signed than there is nothing more we need do except wait for the royalty cheques to arrive. This case – which was featured in the Financial Times earlier this year - illustrates how much can go wrong on the way to market.
Randolph Noelle Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

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