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Industry vs TTO patenting: divergent prioritiesEdit

Do universities view IP in same way as major corporates? We don’t think so. Universities focus on the patent whereas companies focus on the product; patents being just one of the ’assets’ needed to make the product and defend against imitators. Is there something important to be learned from these radically different perspectives?
Snorre Kjesbu Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Jeremy Philpott Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Medical technologiesEdit

What are the issues that are really important for industry, and how do these issues influence their interaction with research institutions? How do they identify and acquire technology? What are their main business drivers and which elements determine their long and short term strategy? What do they expect from us? Decision makers from within five different sectors guide us through.
Frank Bistervels Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Federico Bilotti Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)


The Telecom industry has undergone huge changes in the last few years. National monopolies are no more, physical networks have become commodities and the business model is being challenged by VOIP. In this new age what do the major telecoms companies need from the research base?
Keith Everard Presentation(ASTP members restricted access)
François Jamet Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Healthcare / Consumer productsEdit

The Healthcare sector is facing major challenges - development and regulatory costs are rising at a time when product pipelines are diminishing. They are seeking new technologies to achieve greater speed and efficiency and early screening – and alliances to fill pipelines. Universities are as important as ever but the way in which we engage will change.
Alan Lamont Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Robert Pinnock Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Information technologyEdit

The ICT ’industry’ moves very fast and is structured in such a way that makes it difficult to ‘digest’ university technologies. Moreover, IP is harder to protect since single patents offer little protection. Added to that, ‘killer applications’ are far from obvious. How then are we supposed to engage with the major ICT users?
Michel Benard Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Charles Irving Presentation (No presentation available)
Darko Piscevic Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Food and functional food industryEdit

For a long time food had to be tasty, safe and reasonably priced. These days a major shift is ongoing towards functional food. How do evolutions towards convenience, shelf life and pre-biotics influence our interaction with industry? Is a new collaboration model required for the food of the future ?
Fillip Arnaut Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Ariane Andres Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Understanding Key Industries : Food and Medical devicesEdit

It is important to understand an industry before you can sell into it. In this session we hear from two very different industries – food and defence – and learn how they innovate and where the opportunities are for universities to collaborate and license their technologies.
Andrew Morgan Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Terry Fetterhoff Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

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