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General Principles of Technology Transfer at Portuguese UniversitiesEdit

Public Funding Agencies for research and innovationEdit

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia [1] Agência de Inovação [2] Fundação Gulbenkian [3] Fundação Luso Americana para o Desenvolvimento [4]

Offices of Technology Transfer from Public Research InstitutionsEdit

Laboratório Associado IBMC (Head: António Parada) The mission of the TTO is to promote the research activities of the Associate Laboratory IBMC to public and private investors, to protect the intellectual property capital and to promote social development. The services provided are the development of business models centred in the technologies of the Institute, the licensing of products and services and the creation of new technology based life science companies. [5]

TecMinho - Associação Universidade-Empresa para o Desenvolvimento (KTO of University of Minho) (Head: Ana Paula Amorim) TecMinho is a non-profit association, funded in 1990 as an interface of University of Minho (UMinho), promoting its connection with society, especially on Science & Technology and contributing to the regional development through the improvement of competitiveness of the organizations and people skills. The KTO is nowadays responsible for the valorisation of the knowledge generated in this University in particular IP management and S&T commercialisation. The mission of the KTO is to maximize the valorisation of the IP portfolio of UMinho by: the establishment of regional ‘innovation hubs’ and strategic partnerships in the global market; the set up of tech-based spin-offs; the promotion of an entrepreneurship culture in the academia and the region. [6]

Technology Transfer Surveys or PapersEdit

Related AssociationsEdit

Other topicsEdit

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