Purpose of ASTP WikiEdit

The purpose of this Wiki is to build on the collective knowledge of the professional TT community in Europe to provide an overview of the TT landscape in each country as well as on specific subjects of interest of the community.

Why ASTP Wiki mattersEdit

As TT professionnals, we each know well the organization of TT in our own country and what good or best practices are used successfully within this home base.

However, we often wonder how things are organised in different countries from ours and what interesting lessons we could learn from our European colleagues.

It can be done through the participation to European conferences on TT, such as for example the ones organized by ASTP. They provide an easy way of meeting colleagues and networking among TT professionnals.

What such meetings do not provide is a reference site providing information about the organisation and TT landscape in each country. We all reckon that we may sometimes discuss with some colleagues about their activity but often lack an easy way to locate his/her organization in its national environment.

Apart from the national landscape of TT, specific topics are also valuable to describe and discuss within our European community. For example, ressources that are available on collaboration between an academic and industrial partner or specifc licensing approach taken in Europe.

This last two examples illustrate some of the issues that such a wiki can address, of course other subjects can be added by the contributors !

Together we are stronger !Edit

If you want to see what a wiki can attain in term of collective work, check out Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia in the world based on the same platform as ASTP Wiki ! (called MediaWiki).

The true power of such a tool lies in your hand so please have a look at the existing page and start editing !

We need the help of all to make this initiative a dynamic and evolving tool for our community.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.